James Dean Death Car Experience

Playlist for 12/14/02

Green Magnet SchoolEllipse
Add N to XBrothel Charge
Six Finger SatelliteParlour Games
ArcwelderAll Mixed Together
Red KrossShonen Knife
FugaziMargin Walker
Bullet LaVoltaX-Fire
Last RightsChunks
Bad ReligionYesterday
Hum"Roar, I'm a Tiger"
Trans AmI Want it All
WireMap Reference
Dag NastyValues Here
Tubeway ArmyThat's Too Bad
WipersReturn of the Rat
Promise RingWhy Did We Ever Meet
Poster ChildrenStraightline
"Lloyd, Adrian"Lorna
Cosmic PsychosOut of the Band
Big BlackCables
"Creed, Helios"Blood Red
ProlapseKilling the Bland
Burning AirlinesDeluxe War Baby
Pilot to GunnerEvery Minute is a Movie
Cap'n JazzIn the Clear
Dead KennedysGovernment Flu
Song of ZarathustraMessenger of Heat
Urge OverkillFaroutski
HullabalooHighway Star
Jesus LizardBoilermaker
Union Carbide ProductionsRing My Bell
SurgeryLittle Debbie
SussedI've Got Me Parka

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