List of fights in this episode:
  1. S.O.B vs. T-Wrex
  2. T-Minus vs. Double Agent
  3. Battlerat vs. Overkill

Pre-fight ranting for this week:

S.O.B vs. T-Wrex

We have the MW bonanza on today's episode and we're starting with oversize dustpan S.O.B. (see episode 3) for a more detailed description) going up against T-Wrex, which is basically the thwackbot version of Omega-13. For those not familar with Omega-13, we're talking a flat, flat box with spikes out of the sides. Add an angled thwacker, and you've got T-Wrex.

OK RFT. The bots drive to the middle of the box and then start up with some sort of dance where they spin around in place and then drive past each other and then spin around again, which is OK for T-Wrex because as a thwacker that what he's supposed to do, but I can't see how this is going to help S.O.B. at all. S.O.B. finally drives away as T-Wrex gives her a love thwack on the behind. S.O.B. turns around and scoops T-Wrex from the back, and T-Wrex turns around so the thwacker is resting on the back of the dustpan. S.O.B. lowers the saw arm onto T-Wrex, unleashing myriad sparks. Bot love at its best. S.O.B. drives to the spikes near the hammer, trapping T-Wrex in the pan. S.O.B. turns towards the hammer, and T-Wrex backs out of the pan and away from S.O.B., without getting hit by the hammer. Now the fight repeats itself. We've got the bots driving about, S.O.B. turns around and T-Wrex drives into the scoop, T-Wrex turns the thwacker towards the saw arm, S.O.B. lowers the saw, sparks, S.O.B. drives into the spikes trapping T-Wrex. T-Wrex manages to extricate himself from the situation. Now S.O.B. is spinning around, and T-Wrex tries to get in a hit, and manages to get the thwacker stuck on the back of the dustpan, and now T-Wrex is spinning with S.O.B., and I'm sensing some sort of odd bot mating ritual going on. T-Wrex gets out of this situation as well, and then immediately goes into a period of driving badly near the hammer. T-Wrex then drives out from the hammer a bit, and continues to drive poorly. S.O.B. has been watching this all and now drives toward T-Wrex. T-Wrex gets in a couple thwacks, then Pete pops the saws. I guess S.O.B. had been sitting on them because now she's airborne, and splatting onto the floor. T-Wrex drives a bit and then backs into S.O.B.. S.O.B. backs off, back onto the saws. Zzzz. S.O.B. flies and splats on top of T-Wrex. We finds out that Brett Regan has taken the driving controls back from his partner. Now under actual control, T-Wrex smushes S.O.B. into the spikes. S.O.B. recovers as if nothing had happened and scoops T-Wrex up again. Now we've got saw arm action, and S.O.B. drives toward the spikes just like before. This time T-Wrex is thwacker side out, and the thwacker goes over the top of the spike strip, and then gets stuck there, due to the its angle. Oh those thwackers. They get stuck in the worst places. T-Wrex appears to be going absolutely nowhere, so S.O.B. starts the victory spin while we all wait around for 30 seconds to pass. Game Over for T-Wrex.

T-Minus vs. Double Agent

We've got cute 'ol T-Minus competing again, and this time his opponent is Double Agent. Double Agent is Codebreaker's little brother, a wedge with a mudflap on the back. Team Diginati is about as local as you get for Boston, but I can't see any obvious strategy that the home team could use to beat T-Minus, given Double Agent's design. I already feel sorry for Double Agent.

OK RFT. Bots leave squares and engage in some bumper cars in the center of the box. It looks like Double Agent is trying to get under T-Minus with the wedge while avoiding the flipper on the front. That is not not a task easily accomplished by anyone, and Double Agent is having a lot of trouble with it, leading to a period of bumper cars where not a whole lot is happening damage or excitement-wise. Now the bots have driven apart for a bit and Double Agent is spinning in place. Considering the paucity of thwacker weapons on that bot, it doesn't seem like a particularly effective strategy. Unless it was meant to be defensive, but T-Minus is not in flipper range. Now Double Agent stops spinning and goes back at T-Minus with the wedge, but ends up accomplishing nothing but putting the wedge on top of the flipper and there goes T-Minus with the flip, and a major, major CO2 snort. Double Agent lands rightside up but slightly disorientated, and ends up driving back onto the flipper. Double Agent gathers his wits very quickly at this point and starts to drive away before T-Minus can activate the flipper, so we only have a half flip. Now Double Agent is spinning again, but this time T-Minus is right there so it appears to be a smart thing to do. We have a period now where Double Agent is trying everything to stay out of flipper range but eventually we've got wedge on flipper and luckily for Double Agent, T-Minus only gets a partial flip in. T-Minus snorts. T-Minus makes a run at Double Agent, but ends up running up and over the wedge. The bots face off again, and Double Agent is really trying hard to get that wedge under T-Minus, and he's poking at T-Minus's wheel, but while he's doing that, he's still got the wedge on the flipper and T-Minus executes a mighty flip/snort combination. Double Agent is a pretty sturdy bot and drives off as soon as he hits the ground. Double Agent appears to also be really scrappy, not unlike PJ Stock, and is immediately back attacking with the wedge, and unfortunately back with the wedge on the flipper. T-Minus goes flip/snort, and Double Agent lands right on the saws. Oof. Zzzzzzzzz. Ouch. Double Agent drives off, then turns around, takes a running start, and smashes into T-Minus's wheel. Score some aggression points for Double Agent. Now Double Agent is trying evasive manuevers until the time is right to try to get under one of the non-flipping sides of T-Minus, but that time may still be a way off since T-Minus is right there watching over Double Agent like a hawk. Eventually Double Agent stops spinning and T-Minus positions the flipper, but Double Agent gets away and T-Minus eats a lot of air. No snort from T-Minus. Now Double Agent is driving around again trying to position, but gets hung up on the saws. Zzzz. To add insult to injury, Double Agent's encounter with the saws has allowed T-Minus plenty of time to position the flipper and Double Agent comes right off the saws into the air. Oof. So now Double Agent is trying futilely to position but seems to always end up on that flipper arm. Oof. Oof. Ugh. Double Agent lands on the saws, but at least this time T-Minus shares the experience with him. Now we've got a period of positioning/flipping/splatting by Double Agent. At one point T-Minus gets the flipper under Double Agent's back mudflap, but decides not to try to flip the flap. Now Double Agent is inverted, and T-Minus is again with the flipper under his side, but just to mix things up a bit, instead of flipping Double Agent, T-Minus decides to drive him into the spikes. Ow. T-Minus tries another flip, but Double Agent skitters off, leaving T-Minus with some prime air. Now Double Agent actually manages to get under T-Minus with the wedge a couple of times and at one point pushes T-Minus towards the spikes. Unfortunately, T-Minus falls off, and Double Agent runs head on into the spikes with a massive self-smush. Oomph. OK, I think that Double Agent is finally showing some effects of having been flipped about 10 times as he's having a really hard time with the screw casing and then a really hard time with the spikes, and then the screw casing again, and then a spectacular move where he appears to go forward into the screw and the hammer, and then immediately backward into the other screw. Double Agent comes back with a hit on T-Minus's wheel, and then we have some bumper cars, and some half flips by T-Minus and some other minor stuff but it's all a moot point as time runs out. Double Agent is retired in a 31-14 decision.

Battlerat vs. Overkill

Battlerat. Wedge with lifting bar. Overkill. Wedge with an oversized blade that thunks on the top of other robots. I don't think I've seen either the lifting bar or the blade actually harm another robot. I think we're in for three minutes of bumper cars.

RFT. Bots collide head on. Battlerat is under Overkill with the wedge a couple times. Overkill thunks with the blade then drives up Battlerat's wedge and over the top of him. Battlerat partially raises the lifting bar and Overkill uses it to push Battlerat backwards. Overkill thunks the floor a few times. Battlerat smushes Overkill into the spikes. Overkill thunks the floor, Battlerat drives completely under him with the wedge and then Battlerat gets the lifting arm in this weird position where the arm is on the floor and the wedge is up in the air and while he's in this position the killsaws pop and toss him. This bends Battlerat's arm, and bending Battlerat's arm seems to be as common as Overkill getting the blade stuck somewhere inconvenient. Overkill rams into the side of Battlerat and starts to push him, but Battlerat gets away and then drives around playing with the bent arm while Overkill thunks the floor. Overkill gets under Battlerat with the wedge and smushes him into the spikes behind the hammer. Battlerat takes a couple hammer hits and then somehow starts using the lifting bar to do somersaults underneath the hammer and it just goes to show that the bar is actually useful for something, even if it's just acrobatics while you're in a precarious position. Now we have an extended shot of the Battlerat folks in their slick racing shirts, and I'd normally complain because we could be missing something interesting in the fight while we're watching the builders but in this case I think it's a crap shoot whether it's more interesting in the box or in with the builders. Back in the fight we've got both bots wrestling in the corner. We've got some bumping, and sometimes one or the other gets in with the wedge, and Overkill thunks, and Battlerat plays with the bent lifting bar. Now the bots are driving around and there's Christian Carlberg on the sideline all la-di-da while his teammates cheer and back in the box Overkill is thunking the floor and Battlerat is driving around going nowhere in particular. The announcers are droning on about how Christian Carlberg proposed and decided not to use the robot to do it, and how this was a good thing because robots are not romantic. Personally, if I had to choose between the romantic but dull and unimaginative proposal on bent knee over dinner by candlelight or having Diesector roll up to my front door with an invitation to my own wedding, I'd take Diesector in a heartbeat. That's would be the fun way to do it. Meanwhile, back at the fight Battlerat has Overkill near the saws and Overkill is kind of taking a saw hit and Battlerat is kind of under him and Overkill is kind of tipping over but not really. Now we've got a repeat of earlier in the fight where Overkill gets under the side of Battlerat and smushes him into the spikes near the hammer and Battlerat takes a bunch of hammer shots before starting up the somersault thing with the arm. This time though he somehow ends up on top of the hammer and Overkill is in the background all excited and thunking the floor, and we have what seems like an endless close-up of the shiny underbelly of Battlerat and then Overkill finally comes over and starts thunking Battlerat's belly with the blade. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Battlerat finally decides to somersault with the lifting bar again and then somehow, someway, ends up with the bar caught around the hammer handle and that's even greater indignity than being impaled on the spikes. File this in the "How did they possibly manage to do that?" department, Battlerat manages to get the bar unentangled from the hammer. File this in the "I have given up trying to figure out what the deal is with this bot" department as Battlerat is now twitching with the lifting bar and somersaulting in the middle of the box and generally not travelling with forward motion and every now and then Overkill comes over and thunks him and while this is all happening time goes and runs out and Battlerat somersaults back to Toms River while Overkill advances with a 35-10 judges decision.