These bot reviews, indeed this entire website, has been sorely neglected.


It was tax season. I got busy at work and was reduced to working on the website only on weekends. It was supposedly spring, and time for gardening. It was Mother's day. I had to take a weekend trip. My Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD set arrived and I spent my bot review time watching that instead. The third Steel Conflict tape wasn't out so who cares if I write these because I can't finish them anyway. I am inherently lame.


Stop being lame and just write. Actually they did just put out the third Steel Conflict tape. If they can finish that tape a year after the competition occured, then I can at least finish these reviews. I check my weblogs. I've still got a steady stream of people checking out the reviews even though it's been a year since the last Battlebots competition. I can do it. The question is when. Spring and summer are tough bot times for me. The lure of sitting outside surrounded by sun and fresh air and flowers and birds and peace and quiet with no electronic devices in range is strong. I suspect that increased amounts of website maintenance will occur during inclement weather. Given the weather this spring, I suspect the actual Steel Conflict review Part 5 will appear here sooner rather than later.