Steel Conflict Part 4

Robots in this episode:

RobotTeamWeight ClassWinsLoses
Particle Accelerator3rd Law12000
Zigg ZaggZiggy12000
Weed WackerCircuit Breaker12000
Bump in the NightPeople in the Basement1200
BFDThink Tank1210
Hell On WheelsInfernolab1200
Mo-BotMo-Bot Combat Robots1210
VD3Think Tank3000
SC DoorstopN.E.R.D.3010
Teams and/or robots that have appeared in Battlebots are displayed in red

Pre-fight ranting

I'm going to write up an event summary of Battle Beach. At least the parts that I saw. If there's one person that actually cares and wants to read it, then I guess it was worth my time.

Particle Accelerator vs. Zigg Zagg

Particle Accelerator is a big silver box with 6 large exposed wheels and a M.O.E.-style spinning blade on the front. Zigg Zagg is another creation from Team Ziggy, who have a lightweight robot of some notoriety. The main body of Zigg Zagg looks kind of like the crossbar of Huggy Bear (or like the robot Sweet, if you're familiar with that). There is a rectangular extension on the front of the robot that has 4 Death By Monkeys-style spikes sticking off the front.

Time to fight. Both robots drive straight out of their starting positions and collide head-on in the center of the box. Now we've got some bumper cars, and it looks like Particle Accelerator's spinning blade is not functional. Zigg Zagg continues to be aggressive, and puts several decent hits on the lumbering Particle Accelerator before driving directly into the pit at a high rate of speed. Game Over for Zigg Zagg in 33 seconds.

Weed Wacker vs Psychotron

Weed Wacker is a lime green box with two exposed wheels. The wheels are painted bright red and yellow, as is the horizontal spinning disk attached to the front. It looks like all of the mechanical elements involved with the disk weapon are on the outside of the robot. This robot looks unsteady and not very durable. Psychotron is a wedge with pointy sides so that it doesn't get stuck on one of them. There's a skull graphic on the top and four large exposed wheels arranged in two sets of two.

Time to fight. Bots waltz a bit and then Weed Wacker connects with the disk. Sparks fly. More waltzing, and then Psychotron drives under Weed Wacker. Still more waltzing, and then Psychotron drives under Weed Wacker. Psychotron comes dangerously close to the pit. Psychotron backs into Weed Wacker, then gets Weed Wacker up on the wedge. Psychotron heads towards the pit as Weed Wacker bounces around and eventually bounces off of the wedge. Weed Wacker bounces towards the pit. One of Weed Wacker's wheels bounces over the edge of the pit. Whilst fighting to remove herself from the pit, Weed Wacker pivots and falls backwards into it. Game Over for Weed Wacker in 44 seconds.

Bump In The Night vs. BFD

We now move into round 2, winners bracket. Bump In The Night is a small, half clear box with a spinning blade on the top. The blade curves down over the sides of the box. We've seen BFD before. BFD is a two inch tall Biohazard clone, with a large, vertical spinning disk as a weapon instead of a lifting arm. The disk is somewhat out of proportion compared to the rest of the bot, hence the name, Big Friggin' Disk.

Time to fight. Bots sit in their starting positions for about 10 seconds, spinning their weapons to speed. Now they are approaching each other verrrrry sllooooooowwwwllllyyyy. BFD is flat enough to fit underneath Bump In The Night's spinning blade, and thus turns wedge side towards Bump In The Night and pushes Bump In The Night into the wall. Bump In The Night's spinning breaks off immediately on contact with the wall. So now we have the totally emasculated Bump In The Night driving at about 0.00032 mph across the box, about as close to a sitting duck as you can get without being completely immobile. BFD seizes the oppotunity to turn disk side towards Bump In The Night, spin the disk to speed, and deliver some abuse. We now have a closeup of BFD observing the now still Bump In The Night. BFD takes a really long look, and then spins the disk and delivers more abuse on the hapless Bump In The Night. The emcee calls for "Time Out", which I think means that Bump In The Night tapped out. BFD wins by TKO in 1:01.

Hell On Wheels vs Mo-Bot

Hell On Wheels is a small thwackbot with two exposed wheels. It has the same paint scheme as Dr. Inferno Jr. Mo-Bot is our winner from the first round. From that previous fight: Mo-Bot is a full-body spinner that looks like a rounded version of the old metal cake holder that my Mom used to have. It's a dull gray dome with a shiny metal belt around it.

Time to fight. Mo-Bot sits and spins while Hell On Wheels comes over and starts to aim with the thwacker. Hell On Wheels has good aim. Mo-Bot takes a couple good thwacks before Hell On Wheels backs into her and stops her from spinning. Hell On Wheels tries to push Mo-Bot but we're back to the traction problems and Hell On Wheels just ends up spinning his wheels. Hell On Wheels drives out of the picture then returns to aim with the thwacker. We get a long period of aiming and then a good thwack. It appears that Mo-Bot is not a very effective spinner. Anytime that Hell On Wheels touches Mo-Bot, even with the tip of the thwacker, Mo-Bot stops spinning. So now we have Mo-Bot driving around without purpose, and Hell On Wheels continuing to touch her, and stop her from spinning, and thwacking her, and backing into her, and stopping her from spinning, and running circles around her, and running over her, and stopping her from spinning, and thwacking her, and driving out of the picture, and stopping her from spinning and pushing her, and manhandling her, and stopping her from spinning, and before you know it, three minutes have passed. Not a good showing for Mo-Bot. Hell On Wheels wins the judges' decision, 35-10.

VD3 vs. SC Doorstop

VD3 is the 30lb version of BFD. I suspect that VD3 stands for Vertical Disk 3. VD3's opponent is SC Doorstop. For those who might have forgotten, SC Doorstop is a really thin wedge. Really thin. More like a sliver. Sliver with 4 enclosed wheels.

Time to fight. We've got a long period of looking, and it looks like to me that SC Doorstop is low enough to fit under VC3's spinning disk. Even more looking, and then SC Doorstop starts to spin in place. VC3 approaches with the disk spinning, and smashes into SC Doorstop. SC Doorstop goes flying, and loses some armor. Now we have VC3 stalking SC Doorstop and getting in some good hits with the disk. One particularly good hit bends the wedge all out of shape. Ouch. SC Doorstop continues to spin in place, and can somebody please tell me what a wedge has to gain by spinning in place? Now we have VD3 driving around all la-di-da about 20 feet away from SC Doorstop while SC Doorstop continues to continue to spin in place. VC3 finally turns wedge side forward and gets under the bent up SC Doorstop and stuffs SC Doorstop into the retaining wall. Ooof. While SC Doorstop is still recovering his senses, VC3 gets under him again, and this time starts pushing SC Doorstop ever closer to the pit. SC Doorstop manages to escape as VC3 backs off. SC Doorstop now staggers around in front of the pit. VC3 takes a running start and crashes into SC Doorstop with the spinning disk. Not much happens, but SC Doorstop doesn't drive away fron the pit either. So VC3 simply turns around and starts pushing with the wedge side again. SC Doorstop comes ever so perilously close to the edge of the pit before finally escaping. SC Doorstop is looking really sad and slow. VC3 plays with him a bit, then SC Doorstop starts spinning in place again. VC3 comes in for anouther hit with the spinning disk, connects, and almost falls over rebounding from the hit. SC Doorstop continues to continue to continue to spin in place. VC3 comes in with the disk again. VC3 connects again. VC3 almost tips over again. Ah, but we've got some excitement now. It seems that SC Doorstop has also rebounded from the hit and is now hanging over the lip of the pit. I suspect it will not be difficult for VC3 to tap SC Doorstop into the pit. Hey! Look at that. VC3 taps SC Doorstop into the pit. VC3 wins by KO in 2:53. All SC Doorstop had to do was last another 7 seconds and then he could have lost by a judges' decision.