Steel Conflict Part 2

Robots in this episode:

RobotTeamWeight ClassWinsLoses
BFDThink Tank1200
Small BiteCoolrobots6000
Eric the RedViking USA6000
Pig StickerDiablo6000
Retic BotRetic6000
RambiteRobotic Death Company6000
Some PartsRaybotics6000
Teams and/or robots that have appeared in Battlebots are displayed in red

Pre-fight ranting

None today. Amazing how I have nothing to rant about anymore now that I'm not watching CC's desecration of Battlebots.

BFD vs. Solaris

BFD is a two inch tall Biohazard clone, with a large, vertical spinning disk as a weapon instead of a lifting arm. The disk is somewhat out of proportion compared to the rest of the bot, hence the name, Big Friggin' Disk. Solaris is a dark rectangular box with a wedge on the front. It looks black to me, but it may just be the reflection of the lights off of the extremely shiny exterior.

Time to fight. Bots move to the center of the box and look at each other somewhat tentatively. Solaris gets under BFD with the wedge. BFD spins around to counter with the disk. This would be a more effective move had the disk been spinning. Solaris takes a running start and attacks the disk side of BFD. Solaris gets all the way under BFD and exits on the other side. Then Solaris repeats this move a second time. And a third. And a fourth. Now we've got BFD up on Solaris's wedge, and Solaris seizes the opportunity to stuff BFD into the wood retaining wall. Oooof. It appears that Solaris is able to get under BFD at will. Solaris is trying to push BFD into the pit, but only succeeds in gently pushing BFD into the wall. Oof. Solaris is under BFD, and almost,..almost..almost gets BFD into the pit. BFD gets pushed over the corner of the pit, but doesn't fall in. All those meetings with the wall seem to have broken the right side of BFD's drivetrain. BFD pivots around his left wheel, perilously close to the pit. Looks like a matter of time for BFD. Solaris comes up behind BFD and pushes BFD towards the pit. BFD pivots away at the last moment, and Solaris can't stop in time and drives into the pit. That has got to hurt. Game Over for Solaris in 1:05.

Ankle Biter vs. Eric the Red

Ankle Biter is a minature version of Dreadnought. Wedge with vertical spinning blade. Eric the Red is a red box with enclosed wheels and two hammer/axe attachments sticking out on each side. The effect is not unlike ears, horns, or antennae, depending on your preference.

Time to fight. Both bots start moving in random Brownian motion. Ankle Biter straggles over towards Eric the Red, who has straggled a small distance from his starting position. Now Eric the Red starts heading back towards the starting position, and of course the pit. We're now about 20 seconds into the fight and the bots have not yet come in contact with each other. Looks like Eric the Red can spin in place OK, but Ankle Biter has yet to straggle within range of the axes. About ten more seconds pass before Ankle Biter finally manages to back into Eric the Red with the blade. I don't think the blade is spinning. If it was, it's definitely stopped now that the bots are in contact with each other. Ankle Biter backs off and then attacks Eric the Red with the blade. I think the effort is made a bit easier as Eric the Red's motion is being impeded by the retaining wall. Eric the Red manages to straggle away from the wall, and then actually attack Ankle Biter with the wedge. Ankle Biter is now against the wall, wedge-side in, Eric the Red bangs into the rear of Ankle Biter with the wedge, and I guess is pushing Ankle Biter, or maybe not, whatever, both bots stay there motionless for several seconds. Eric the Red backs away from Ankle Biter as Ankle Biter attacks with the blade. Wow, I saw a spark fly and sure enough, there's a gouge in Eric the Red's wedge. Now some more random motion before Eric the Red randomly drives wedge side first up Ankle Biter's wedge. Ankle Biter heads straight for the pit. And there goes Eric the Red, right into the pit. Ankle Biter backs up a bit, then drives right into the pit to join Eric the Red. Bot fun! Game Over for Eric the Red in 1:21.

Pig Sticker vs. Reticbot

Pig Sticker is a kind of wedge shaped forklifter bot that looks like it was constructed from a few dozen pieces of scrap exhaust pipe. Pig Sticker has four exposed wheels. Reticbot looks like a silver diamond plate box with two exposed wheels. I see no obvious weapon.

Time to fight. Bots leave squares and it becomes immediately obvious that the controls for Reticbot have been placed in the capable hands of a Furby running a random number generation program. While Reticbot lurches around in various directions, Pig Sticker comes over, scoops him with the forklift arm, and tosses him against the retaining wall. Ooof. OK, now Pig Sticker is going sit back and let nature run its course. Reticbot is continuing to lurch, but now he's managed to situate himself right at the lip of the pit. Oh, I sense that Reticbot is not long for this world. As if on cue, Reticbot lurches into the pit. Game Over for Reticbot in 18 seconds.

Rambite vs. O'Dominator

Rambite is a full-body spinner, quasi-Ziggo clone. Where Ziggo has an inverted wok, Rambite has a silver disk that looks like a reel that you'd use to store telephone cable. Looks like there are Nightmare style teeth sticking out of the disk. O'Dominator is your standard thwackbot of the Herr Gepounden variety.

Time to fight. O'Dominator comes flying out of the starting position, trying to shove Rambite into the pit before Rambite can spin to speed. Rambite moves out of O'Dominator's path and spins to speed. O'Dominator attempts to start spinning but Rambite comes in and tags his wheel before he can get to speed. O'Dominator is now spinning at full speed as Rambite watches from the cheap seats. O'Dominator stops as Rambite makes a tentative foray. O'Dominator points the thwacker at Rambite, then turns sideways exposing his wheel. Rambite ponders. O'Dominator starts spinning again. Rambite attacks. Sparks fly as O'Dominator scores a direct hit on Rambite, and Rambite starts to wander off axis before finally regaining control. O'Dominator moves to the center of the box, and starts spinning. O'Dominator slows his spin and Rambite immediately attacks. Large clang, and Rambite ends up bouncing into the wall. Looks like there might be something awry with O'Dominator, movement is not as fluid as it used to be. O'Dominator spins a bit while Rambite puts a couple hits on the thwacker. O'Dominator traverses the box with Rambite in hot persuit. Another hit on the now-bent thwacker, and then Rambite lands a beautiful hit directly on O'Dominator's wheel. I could feel the pain in that.hit. O'Dominator slowly spins and the thwacker taps the wall. Now I'm not sure whether the tip of the thwacker is embedded in the wall, wedged under the wall, or whether he's just broken, but there is a sudden paucity of movement in the O'Dominator camp. I guess the judges are worried about Rambite as well, as the emcee calls out for Rambite to show movement. Rambite moves, O'Dominator gets counted out. Game Over for O'Dominator in 1:28.

MisDirection vs. Some Parts

MisDirection looks like a flat, silver box with enclosed wheels. Now you can't see this when the bot is stationary, but MisDirection has a hinged hammer arm that flies around whenver the robot changes direction. Some Parts is a wedge with pointy sides so that it doesn't get stuck on a flat edge. For those who have read the BB Season 5 Pre-season Rant, I picked Some Parts as a name I thought particularly clever.

Time to fight. We have some bot tango as MisDirection tries to thwack Some Parts with the hammer arm. Unfortunately, this is not a precision weapon, and Some Parts manages to stay away. Other than avoiding the hammer arm, I can't figure out what Some Parts' strategy is. Maybe it's the "drive around" strategy. Wait, I spoke too soon. MisDirection backs into Some Parts, and then Some Parts spins around and gets the wedge under MisDirection. Ah, I get it now. Some Parts pushes MisDirection around on the wedge, and then drives completely under MisDirection, exiting on the far side. More bot flamenco, and then Some Parts gets back underneath MisDirection with the wedge. Some Parts poses for a few seconds with his prize, and then the bots separate. Now MisDirection tries to spin and thwack Some Parts with the hammer arm, but MisDirection doesn't exactly tear up the floor while spinning. Some Parts is easily able to get under MisDirection with the wedge when the hammer arm is on the far side. Some Parts stuffs MisDirection into the wall, and in the process, it looks like the wedge is stuck between the retaining wall and the floor. Rather than let Some Parts continue to be stuck, MisDirection smashes into the back of Some Parts, freeing him from his predicament. MisDirection takes a running start and uses Some Parts' wedge as a launching ramp. Wheeee! Looks like Some Parts is being real still. MisDirection comes over and starts to manhandle Some Parts. That seems to have woken Some Parts from his stupor. Some Parts tries to get under MisDirection, but turns sideways, and MisDirection ends up stuffing him into the wall. Oof. Now we have Some Parts driving into the wall near the pit, then turning around and driving under MisDirection with the wedge. Some bumping and then an extended period of MisDirection pushing Some Parts around, trying desperately to dump Some Parts into the pit. MisDirection does not succeed in doing this. MisDirection spins and tries to thwack with the hammer arm, but Some Parts manages to get the wedge under him and push him all around, and in the general direction of the pit. Some Parts gets MisDirection vaguely in the vicinity of the danger zone before MisDirection drives away. Some bumping, and then we have Some Parts with the wedge under MisDirection again. Some Parts makes a beeline for the pit and does a masterful job of dumping MisDirection into the pit, without ending up in the pit himself. Nice. Game Over for MisDirection in 1:59.