Here are some links to other bot pages that I find entertaining. There's likely nothing new here that's not covered on someone else's page, but if you're already here at this site, and I've got something listed that interests you, then it's probably more convenient to surf from here than it is to go to someone else's page and surf from there.

Jim Smentowski's Bot Link Page

As far as I can tell, this is the most comprehensive bot link page on the Internet. Battlebot sites, builder sites, vendor sites, generic bot sites, if it's out there, then it's listed here. Actually, Jim Smentowski's entire site rocks. I highly recommend it.

Official Battlebots Site

If you're looking for the most reliable information about what's happening in the Battlebot world, then this might be a place you'd want to go. Battlebot news, information about all the bots and builders, rankings, fight stats and videos, a veritable mother lode of information only a mouse click away.

Other Bot Review Sites

Yes, there are other people that obsessively review every hit and flip in televised Battlebots fights. Well, there's at least one. The reviews on this site tend to contain more useful information about the robots than do mine. And then there's The Fans Judge, which is basically what it says, a bunch of fans playing judge, scoring the fights as they see them.

My Favorite Bots

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